Watch Nine Men Hole A Putt Simultaneously Into The Same Hole

It’s been a strange day, one that has seen some strange sights.

However, in the annals of strange sights, I feel sure that there has never been something like this.

Some will describe this — and several erudite commenters on YouTube already have — as golf’s equivalent of, well, the gang-putt.

Nine men are lined up, all aiming for the same target.

In a feat of quite astonishing synchronicity, they each stroke their putts and see where they go.

If you have ever played golf, you’ll appreciate how difficult this is.

If you have never played golf, then you’d better start or your boss will think you’re very strange.


If you have lived on this Earth for more than nine years, you will appreciate just how hard it is to get nine men to synchronize their watches, never mind something as delicate as this.

This footage comes from the US PGA’s Golf Management Program at Campbell University.

It involves no trickery and, as far as I know, no betablockers, steroids or hypnosis.

It is simply nine people sliding a putt along the same line and into the same hole, a hole that was made deeper, but no wider, for the occasion.

Some things in life you can only do once.

I fancy if these men stood there from now until Kim Jong-un is finally made Governor of Texas, they could never repeat this feat.

Which is surely what makes it so memorable.


Image: Campbell PGAGM/YouTube Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk