Thief steals car with baby in it, allegedly calls in the theft

There is such a thing as a feel-good story.

But, as with movies and single-night encounters, some stories only feel good until the next day, when you actually start thinking about them.

Many were moved to captivation yesterday when they heard of a man who allegedly stole a car, only to discover that there was an 8-month-old baby captive in the back seat.

As the New York Post gushes it, the alleged thief carjacked the Jeep in the Bronx.

But, having discovered he had a getaway partner, he allegedly abandoned the car and actually called 911 — not once, but twice — to explain that someone should go and get the baby. And the car.

The baby was only left alone because the lady passenger, Jennifer Rodriguez, popped out momentarily in order to inspect a cell phone case that her partner, Patrick Julbe, was fascinated by.

She couldn’t quite see it through the car window. So this meant the baby was left all alone, if only for a few moments.

Car thieves tend to have swift reflexes. The Jeep was gone before, one imagines, a decision on the case could be reached.

And yet Kyrstal Guzman, a friend who also has a child with Gulbe, felt sure she knew what was in the alleged thief’s mind.

The allegedly remorseful carjacker.

The allegedly remorseful carjacker.

“I guess he drove off, and the baby started crying and he turned around and said, ‘Oh, my God. What have I done?” she told the Post.

I guess that is possible.

Thieves often have hearts of gold and have to make moral decisions at so many junctures of their daily metier.

Questions they often ask themselves include: “Can I possibly take a purse from this lady when she has such a kind disposition?”

Another would be: “I know I might inconvenience this small, comely woman by stealing her wallet, her jewelry and her iPhone. But a boy must eat. And drink. And party once in a while. Is there any way I can get her to understand this?”

So it may well be that the alleged Jeep-thief was stricken with the remorse of a Biblical character, tortured by the idea that he had taken someone’s child.

It may also be that he rushed to meet his personal pastor, priest or bartender of choice in order to confess his awful behavior.

It may also be that — with the speed of his getaway — the child woke up and wailed like a hyena auditioning for a role as a banshee in a torture movie.

It may well be that this thief could not bear the din. It may well be that he simply wanted to be delivered from the current and any possible future consequences of his misfortune.

That isn’t to be confused with “Oh, my God. What have I done?”

For it might equally have been a case of “Oh, my God. Is there any way I can get this baby to keep quiet, so that I can make a little money out of this car?”

He has not been found, though baby and Jeep were.

The baby’s parents have not been charged, though they might have a little explaining still to do.

If the alleged thief is ever caught, I wonder what sort of reasoning he will offer for his apparent magnanimity.

I have a feeling that “I just couldn’t do that to these lovely parents,” might be one suggestion of his lawyer.


Image: BXNewsNet/YouTube Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk






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