The Government Is The Child, The People Are The Parents

I’m finding myself shutting down to every mention of the shutdown.

Accusations are being flung, the last juices from weak arguments are being wrung, and no one is any the wiser.

Indeed, with every new word, many politicians offering themselves on camera seem quite the more stupid.

It’s odd that this is a drama being played out by people who are supposed to protect us.

President after president insists that his main job is to keep America safe.

It’s not to make America more prosperous, more intelligent or more sturdy. It’s to keep America inside a cocoon of security.

When you hear these words, it’s easy to make the assumption that government is the parent and the people are its children.

The government creates rules which the people must follow, if they are to be good little boys and girls.

The government scolds people when they’ve done wrong.

The government decides when the little boys and girls can get in a car, have sex, go to war and, last of all, have a drink.

The people, like little children, whine about the government all the time.

It’s too bossy. The curfews are far too stringent. It doesn’t give enough (back in the) pocket money.

And it’s just so inanely klutzy.

Sometimes, I weep when I see what our kids are doing.

Sometimes, I weep when I see what our kids are doing.

The government, when it’s out in public, says embarrassing things, gets all aggressive, makes empty threats and generally seems to have little idea what the people think.

Worse, the two members of the parental government always seemed to be arguing in front of the kids.

Neither of them will admit that the other’s wrong, so they bicker.

The bickering never seems to get anywhere, because, like parents of the new Millennium, they’re motivated by trying to gain the kids’ favor.

Just when they think the kids won’t love them any more, they’ll buy the kids something nice. They’ll throw in the emotional equivalent of a car. (Say, a tax reduction.)

The kids go away happy, not thinking that the parents are merely glad they’ve got the kids off their backs for a while.

The parents can go back to drinking too much, thrusting fingers in each other’s faces and telling each other how wrong they are.

There’s something slightly askew with this picture, though.

We, the people, are actually the parents.

The government is our child. We gave birth to it. We decided how it should be brought up. We finance it. We offer it approval and disapproval.

So when the government is behaving too much like a bunch of kids, shouldn’t we, as parents, do something about it?

Instead of the government grounding itself, shouldn’t we have the power to immediately ground it and tell it to change its behavior or else?

It seems unfortunate that we have to wait for years, that we have to tolerate many of our votes having no meaning at all, because we vote only within one area, rather than on some sort of truly proportional basis.

The absurdity of small populations (and minds) having vast sway over the government’s behavior is being played out for all to see.

The children in government aren’t the parents of this fiasco. We are.

So perhaps it’s time we expressed a little parental responsibility and did something about it.

Otherwise, those damn kids will never grow up.


Image: ABC News/YouTube Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk