Stoner Cold? Men Caught Smoking Pot In Police Parking Lot

If I were to write a pilot for a TV series, it would have to be called “Parking Lot.”

At first glance, these might merely be places where you leave your car in order to enjoy a burger, a haircut or an intellectual Hollywood movie.

There is, though, a culture that exists far beyond the tarmacadam surface.

Why, only yesterday there was news of a man who had been espied allegedly hunting deer in a Walmart parking lot.

That seemed to be so far beyond a Seinfeldian imagination that it might never be bested.

It took just a few hours, however.

For today there springs news of a group of men being arrested for smoking pot in a parking lot.

This is, indeed, a regular occurrence, one to which police often turn the other cheek.

There was a slight kink in this particular case: these men were allegedly in a parking lot belonging to the police.

It can lead you to temptation.

It can lead you to temptation.

You might imagine that they had no idea this particular parking lot was so law-abidingly sacrosanct.

You might also imagine that mountain lions make excellent household pets.

For the three men outside had a fourth colleague on the inside. He had gone to the police barracks in order to retrieve his car, which had been unaccountably impounded.

At least, this is what the Philadelphia Daily News reports, and who am I to say it is untrue? They can be very aggressive in Philadelphia.

It’s possible that the threesome might simply have been brazen. It’s possible that they were making some sort of statement against police oppression or the marijuana laws.

However, the facts offered are that Trooper Erik Tapia was about leave on patrol when he smelled the distinctive smell of pot in the parking lot of Troop B in Totowa, New Jersey.

What he claims to have discovered is three men sitting in an Oldsmobile, passing the time of day with a toking gesture or two.

The accusation is that the men were confident of their righteousness. It is said that there were small bags of pot risibly visible in the car.

Did they not imagine they’d be caught? Did they not know that pot has such a characteristic and piercing odor? Or might they have been smoking the whole day?

Police spokesman Lt. Steven Jones told the Daily News, his face straightened by years of practice: “Imagine their surprise. They obviously weren’t expecting to see troopers.”

Now, Tamer Abdelrahim, 22 of West Paterson, NJ, and Isaias Parrilla, 22, Hensly Nunez, 21, and Bernardo Cuevas, 23, all of Paterson, NJ must attempt to justify the legality of their alleged behavior.

Might they offer “unfair surprise”? Might they claim that they needed to smoke pot because they were so nervous being in a police parking lot?

I wonder if New Jersey will legalize pot one day. I know of no one who lives there who doesn’t smoke it. I fancy this includes a few policemen.




Image: National Geographic/YouTube Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk