McDonald’s Worker At Drive-Thru: Oy, That’s My Stolen Car

Karma is the mistress of us all.

She steers us, she teases us and, she punishes us.

Once in a while, however, she brings us such a deep sense of justice that we kneel before her effigy and ask her forgiveness for the thousand times we have doubted her.

Such a time came at a McDonald’s drive-thru in Washington State Tuesday morning.

Virginia Maiden had not enjoyed a good morning. She had woken up early, only to discover that she used to have a Toyota 4-Runner.

It was gone, pilfered by a miscreant without heart nor soul, whipped away by someone for whom flagellation would have been insufficiently painful or dignified.

She had to hitch a ride to work. She wasn’t in the best of moods.

Later in the day, she looked through the drive-thru window.

Karma was there, waiting to calm her. For there was her 4-Runner, being run by another woman.

A Happy Ending.

A Happy Ending.

Maiden thought fast. As ABC News reports, she poked her head through the drive-thru window and smiled.

The alleged thief had ordered an ice-cream. So Maiden told her that the ice-cream machine was on the blink. In fact, she was going to call the police to get the thief into the clink.

It seems that the 4-Runner runner wasn’t the brightest of spark plugs.

She had thought nothing of driving into a McDonald’s, even though Maiden’s corporate visor was perched on the dash.

Might she not have concluded that only those who work for McDonald’s display a logoed visor in public vision?

The police soon arrived and the driver never even got her ice cream.

It seems that there were other items in the car that Maiden didn’t recognize. These had allegedly been freely purloined from JC Penney and Sears.

Clearly, then, this was a thief who enjoyed a bargain. Such as a free car.

And so Karma came to Kennewick, Washington. It wasn’t a long visit, but it was meaningful.

She wanted to show even those who work hard for relatively little pay and the smell of grease in their hair that they are not forgotten.

They, too, can have their day.

Even if their day comprises of getting back what is rightfully theirs.



Image: The Toy Channel/YouTube Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET