Man allegedly pawns own wedding ring to pay for prostitute

His name isn’t John.

At home, however, he might be about to get a Dear John.

For this is the story of a man who, police say, needed sex so badly that he was prepared to sacrifice one of the deepest symbols of his marriage.

As WYFF-TV surrounds it, Marvin Holmes II, 33, was arrested in Greenwood, South Carolina when police found him in an area notorious for prostitution with a woman who was not his wife.

The conversation, at least in the police’s version, was a candid one. Between Holmes and the police, that is.

He allegedly told them that he was having trouble at home and he needed to exert his passions elsewhere.

A ring of hope turned into despair.

A ring of hope turned into despair.

It is said that Holmes accompanied the prostitute to a pawn shop, where, in a scene that was certainly not played first in “Pretty Woman,” he received a fulsome $20 for his wedding ring.

There is so much downward pressure on prices these days. Does this mean, though, that such cheapness is leading to the complete devaluation of, well, values?

Are both a woman’s body and a man’s wedding ring worth only $20 each?

As they say in the lower parts of TV commercials, prices may wary. Here, though, the tale is that Holmes took off his wedding ring and didn’t himself go into Apache Pawn.

No, he gave the ring to Rhonda Kelley, the prostitute, who did the dirty work for him.

The money, according to Holmes, went on crack rock rather than payment for any services rendered.

Indeed, rendering may not have happened, as he says he drove away when things weren’t going quite to plan.

When the police stopped him, they found the pawn receipt and now Mrs. Holmes at home may be placed in a difficult predicament.

One never knows what truly is occurring inside of anyone’s relationships. There are always dynamics that are evident only to those concerned. Some marriages die without doctors or pallbearers.

However, any flies lurking on the wall at Casa Holmes when the ringless husband returned may have found the ensuing conversation a little too difficult to bear.