Man Accused Of Hunting Deer In Walmart Parking Lot

Some headlines are strange.

Some, though, cause strange to walk away and declare that in no way will it be associated with something like that.

This headline might be one of those. Police, you see, in Pennsylvania, insist that a man wandered into the Walmart parking lot in Burrell Township and went a-hunting for deer.

Should you be familiar with deer, they do tend to waft toward places where people also roam. They look all wide-eyed and innocent, but you know they’re really just on the lookout for food, as are we all.

Perhaps it is just one page in evolution that Arcangelo Bianco Jr. was allegedly also looking for food.

For, as CBS Pittsburgh reports, he pulled out a pistol and took a few shots at a white-tailed Bambi. Yes, right there in between the Ford Tauruses and the Nissan Pathfinders.

It seems that Bianco Jr was inside the Walmart, just doing his shopping. Then he got in his car.

But when he espied the bargain of the month loping around the parking lot, his resistance was non-existent.


The shooting allegedly took place here.

The shooting allegedly took place here.

Patrick Dougherty, the Indiana County District Attorney, told CBS: “He got out of his car and chased the deer down through the parking lot, and I believe even across Route 22.”

The allegation is that Bianco Jr fired several shots in the hope that the deer would come cheap.

He was not said to be firing biancos.

“Number one, we’re a big hunting community, and people that are legitimate hunters were very upset about this. Number two, that people that were at risk in parking lot that night,” said Dougherty.

If the allegations bear anything that remotely resembles the truth, one wonders whether Bianco Jr. was so entranced by the excitement of the kill that he didn’t consider he might be putting, well, humans in danger.

Still, there’s something almost primitive about the way in which Bianco Jr. would not be denied his trophy.

It was the first day of hunting season. But was this not misguided enthusiasm?

Ultimately, though, one has to conclude that Bianco Jr. is a man of determination. He did end up shooting the deer. He even allegedly took it along to a meat processing plant. Because that’s what you do after a hard day’s shopping. Excuse me, shooting.

But he hadn’t, perhaps, counted on the fact that a human might have alerted police to his pursuit of an unarmed deer.

He now faces charges that include shooting from a vehicle and shooting across a highway. One wonders whether there will also be a philosophical discussion as to whether the carcass was roadkill.

One can only hope that, should the case come to court, the deer community will attend in numbers in order to express its own feelings about this apparent case of social harassment.

One also hopes the court will give them free food and safe passage.


Image: WTAE-TV Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk




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