A message from the management while we’re constructing this

I do requests.

So when people started asking me to begin commenting beyond Technically Incorrect, I listened politely.

Or as politely as I could.

The pressure — I mean, enthusiasm — has become so great that The Incorrect Position will become a sister to Technically Incorrect.

Here, I’ll be writing about things that aren’t so tech-related.

I’ll be wondering about anything that strikes me as odd, peculiar, moving, or merely amusing.

Especially amusing.

We’ll probably be fully operational at the beginning of January. But if you’d like to leave thoughts about what you’d like me to write about — or, indeed, anything at all that isn’t spam, please feel free.

I will probably begin a very soft opening over the next few days, so everything on the menu will be entirely free.

This is a new adventure, so please excuse any initial quirks.