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  • Stephen Curry pushes shoes, peddles religion

    Do you believe that the world was created by an old man in a white beard, who, despite being omnipotent, decided to remain aged 82?

    Or perhaps your conviction is that a former carpet salesman from Kalamazoo, Michigan discovered the way, the truth and the life some time in the 1920s.

    It could be that you’re one of those who thinks the world is absurd and was the result of a very loud explosion in outer space, an explosion caused by a gas leak in a green person’s house.

    Please, I am happy if any of these beliefs make you happy.

  • Why The Bay Area Is Now America’s America

    I’m going to break something to you gently.

    It’s going to hurt.

    It’s going to hurt some of you quite a bit. In fact, as much as having your spleen removed by tractor, rope and very angry Texan.

    But here goes: America has moved. It’s no longer epitomized by Texas or New York. Its heart is no longer in the Heartland.

    America’s America is in the Bay Area.

    While you spit what looks curiously like a mixture of blood, Linda Blair’s remaining entrails and a starter from one of my less favorite restaurants, please consider some truths.