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  • So What’s It Really Like Dining At Jiro?

    You really don’t want to become a movie star. You’ll attract the wrong sort.

    That’s what my mom always said to me. And that’s what I think has happened to Jiro, who dreams of sushi.

    Sadly, I appear to be that wrong sort.

    I managed to get a reservation at Sukiyabashi Jiro, one of the two restaurants made world-famous by the documentary “Jiro Dreams Of Sushi.”

    You’ll be wondering how I did this. Well, I asked the concierge at the Park Hotel in Tokyo a few days before.

    It was nothing more than that.

  • What Japan can teach America

    They bow.

    Is it subservient? Yes.

    It’s subservient to the concept of “I respect you and I have time for you.”

    It’s quite an alien concept these days.

    In Japan, time moves, but it stands still.

    Some say all the traditions and hierarchies make for frustration.

    This must be true. But I’ve spent the last 10 days here and what I see dances beautifully with what I don’t see.

    I see a gentleness and kindness that I don’t see in many other places. People come up to me and ask if I need help.

  • Putin Denies Man-Love Inspired Him To Solve Syria Crisis

    What exactly moved Russian president Vladimir Putin to intervene in the Syria crisis and propose a radically human proposal?

    In an interview that can only be described as exceptional, Putin addressed some of the deeper motivations behind his sudden lurch toward soothing the human spirit with the low light of a thousand scented candles.

    Confronted by direct questions from a journalist representing the Russian magazine PDA, Putin stood his ground.

    He was asked: “Is there any truth in the rumor that feelings for your fellow man played a role in trying to ease world tension?”

  • Olive Garden Is Now Serving Tapas. Wait, what?

    I’ve been to Olive Garden once.

    That is both true and mean.

    I found the vast amounts of food ladled onto the plates not dissimilar to Babette’s Feast, if Babette had been born in that part of Italy known as Defester, Alabama.

    The only problem with the food is that it didn’t taste of food. Or at least of the kinds of things that I associated at the time with food.

    Again, that is both true and mean.

    I suppose that if you imagine yourself as a steam engine and the chefs at Olive Garden as Casey Jones, then it would have all made sense.