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  • Two Thumbs Up For Miley Cyrus

    I’m supposed to dislike Miley Cyrus.

    I know this because she appeared on some award show on Sunday night and by Monday everyone was saying I should dislike her.

    Actually, by Sunday night, those who had watched in New York were already madly tweeting like Jesus clearing the temple of tradesmen.

    They were Oh-My-Godding and Bless-My-Souling as if she’d stripped off to her underwear on national television.

    Which, actually, she had.

    But not to the point of distaste. Just to the point of “Oh, you’re 20 and you’d like us to think you’re sexy, I see.”

  • A-Rod And The Power Of The Excuse

    We all lie to ourselves.

    We’re good at it.

    We know exactly how to talk ourselves into things and how to explain our own behavior to ourselves.

    We use those explanations adeptly, whenever we’re asked awkward questions.

    My dad beat me. My mother was a prima donna. My dog always preferred my little brother.

    I am a victim, don’t you see?

    That’s why I lose my temper. That’s why I can be rude and uncaring. That’s why I act spoiled.

    Nobody ever spoiled me, don’t you get it? That’s why I have to spoil myself.